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Your Body is Your Gym: Use Your Bodyweight to Build Muscle and Lose Fat With the Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training

Your Body is Your Gym: Use Your Bodyweight to Build Muscle and Lose Fat With the Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Training

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Your Body is Your Gym

How To Enjoy The Benefits Of Gym Membership – Without The Cost...Have you felt the pinch of high gym fees?

Do you spend hours in the gym without seeing the results you want?

Do you ever wonder if there is an easier way to build the physique you dream of without breaking the bank?

Then this book was written for you.

"Your Body is Your Gym" shows you how to get all the benefits of a gym with exercises that you can do anywhere and anytime.

You can lose fat, build muscle and get in amazing shape using a piece of equipment that you already have - your own body!

With this unique 8 week fitness program you will be able turn your fitness dreams into reality.

- Lose fat and gain muscle

- Exercise when and where it’s convenient for you

- Get the 6 pack abs you always dreamed of

- Increase your happiness

- Reduce your stress

And much, much more
Your Body Is The Best Gym In The World & It Doesn’t Cost You A Penny

There is nothing wrong with going to the gym but it’s entirely possible to improve your health, self-esteem and physical appearance without ever stepping foot in one!

You can build your dream physique using just this book and your bodyweight.

“Your Body is Your Gym” teaches you easy to implement bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to exercise when and where it suits you.

Realizing that your body is the best gym you could ever have opens up a new universe of fitness possibilities…

You no longer have to pay gym fees, wait in queues for equipment, or waste time commuting to the gym.

A Unique Training Protocol That Contains Everything You Need To Know

So what’s included in the book?

- An 8 week training program for all experience levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

- Strategies on how to lose fat and build muscle with bodyweight exercises

- 40 instructional images of the exercises you’ll be doing

- Nutritional advice as well as simple healthy recipes

- Unique bodyweight training techniques that you won’t find anywhere else that will deliver incredible results.

Reading this book will not only save you time, but will help you avoid the frustration of trial and error.

So, grab the book and save yourself a small fortune on monthly gym fees by learning to use your bodyweight.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel when the path is already laid out for you in “Your Body is Your Gym”

Are you ready to take control of your own body and finally get the physique you desire?

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